I Was A Pickpocket for 30 Years: You Wouldn’t Believe What People Have In Their Pants

As a seasoned pickpocket, I’ve had the opportunity to see all kinds of strange and interesting items that people carry in their pockets. From novelty items like miniature rubber chickens and fake vampire teeth, to more practical items like multiple phones and wads of cash, I’ve seen it all.

Here’s some of the weirdest things people have had in their pants:

One of the weirdest things I ever came across was a live frog that someone had in their pocket. I have no idea why someone would carry a frog around with them, but I suppose it’s not my place to judge.

Another strange item I’ve come across is a small bag of soil. I can only assume that the person carrying it was a gardener or perhaps someone who was into some kind of DIY home remedies involving plants.

One of the most surprising things I’ve found in someone’s pocket was a full set of silverware. I can only imagine that the person was planning on eating a picnic lunch on the go, but it was still a strange sight to behold.

In addition to these unusual items, I’ve also seen my fair share of more practical items like keys, wallets, and phones. But no matter what people carry in their pockets, one thing remains the same: they never see it coming when I seize the day and steal their goods.

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